Art all year

We all know that art is a vital aspect of a child’s development.  The benefits reach far beyond creativity. Studies have linked art to growth in fine motor skills and spatial awareness,  aptitude in reasoning, language skills, and even math. Yet, life is busy and the truth is, we just don’t have time to provide every enriching activity we’d like to for our kids.

That is where Art All Year comes in; ssentially laid out like a recipe book, it provides 52 exciting art projects organized by month and inspired by the season. The activities are creative, inexpensive, and easy to follow, making them ideal for artists as young as three and interesting enough to challenge preteens and older.

Art All Year projects:

1. require less preparation

Whether you follow the book week to week or flip to the month to choose an activity, you will have the perfect project to celebrate the holiday or season.

A materials list for the month will be placed at the beginning of each chapter so that parents can make one trip to the store and know they have everything they need to do that month’s art projects. Most projects can be done with core supplies suggested to keep in your art box.

2. foster creativity

Art is all about creativity! Kids should be encouraged to experiment. So many projects out there define exactly what color and what material should be used for each step. My book gives  detailed instructions to make art, but also gives suggestions and variations and continually encourages kids to make their own changes. It is the perfect balance of enough information to make the project approachable, without limiting self-expression.

3.  provide unique activities

I have had 6 years of experience teaching children’s fine art classes. I have included unique activities that have proven themselves to be fun and create a great finished product.

4. use easy to find, inexpensive materials

While gold leaf or linoleum blocks are exciting to use, they are also expensive. Art All Year projects create unusual works of art by using common materials in new ways. Readers will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and enjoyable it is to get started.


Art All Year is an ideal book for:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Elementary and middle school teachers
  • Parents who home-school